9'1" Redline 11 (9'1", 23 1/2, 3) B#123332


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The Ultimate 9’0 Surfboard! The Redline11 turns like an 8’6,” Paddles like a 9’6.” Noserides like a 10’0.” Bill says this is the “best all-around longboard he’s ever designed”. The nose bottom has a deep single concave that continues back past the half way point. This concave is what makes the Redline 11 paddle, turn and nose ride exceptionally great. That single concave flows into a double concave with a heavy V in the rounded pin tail, which makes it loose, fast and easy to ride. Bill invented the beveled rail over 30 years ago, and it remains a key feature in many of his board designs for a reason. The bevels in the Redline 11 rails lift the rail edge making it really forgiving on the drop-in and in rail to rail turns. The hard edges in the tail rails release water for insane speed. The included 2+1 fin set-up (another Bill Stewart invention) features 2 short wide rail fins forward giving the board drive while keeping it loose. The larger center back fin holds the board in the pocket when riding up on the nose.

6.5" Rainbow Fin Company fiberglass center fin and Futures composite side byte fin set included.

  • Board # 123332
  • 2 + 1
  • Length - 9'1"
  • Width - 23 1/2
  • Thickness - 3
9'1" Redline 11 (9'1", 23 1/2, 3) B#123332 Stewart Surfboards
9'1" Redline 11 (9'1", 23 1/2, 3) B#123332 Stewart Surfboards